Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DIY Tissue Box Toy

Does this happen to anyone else?

My 9 month old thinks that the tissue box is the BEST toy ever!  I disagree...I don't care to have to blow my nose on torn pieces of tissue, what if I miss the part that isn't torn...

Here is an easy fix to the "rip all the tissues out of the box" problem

Cut strips of fabric to various sizes.  I didn't measure, I just cut some random strips.  I used the selvage of several of the scraps I had on hand.

I think I ended up cutting about 9 strips of fabric.  Stuff strips into box and...

Tada!  Tissue box toy!

I think he approves! ;)


  1. Too Cute! Very inventive! You are not alone! :) our boys would even put the tissues back in the box, but they favorite was the petroleum jelly...now that is one slipper baby! Thanks for the idea for my 2's class at Preschool! :)

    1. I wish he would place the tissues back in! The petroleum jelly is something that he goes for also! I hope your class has fun! My little one plays with his tissue box almost every day! ;)