Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BMW Hacky Sack

My brother-in-law's birthday is tomorrow and I asked him last month what hand-crocheted gift he would like me to make.  I didn't give him an option of a store bought one!  He quickly replied, "A BMW hacky sack".

For my first attempt at this design, I used a pattern found here and spent my time deciding how to apply the BMW logo to the finished sack.

I used some of my husband's graph paper and attempted to pixel-ate the logo and found that making a circle on graph paper was not a skill of mine.  My husband, however, is studying mechanical engineering and knew how to properly  use the graph paper to make a pixel-ated circle.  His drawing looked great on paper!  However, my stitches did not stack on top of each other as on the paper.  Here is my first attempt

As you can see, the stitches did not line up to make good circles.  So, I set out on my second attempt.  I decided to try embroidering the logo onto the sack.  I am not great at embroidering so this was a challenge.  I crocheted another sack in black.  I began the embroidering with the inside circle of blue and white.

 Then I added the inside black lines. 

Last was the BMW added in white.
 Like I mentioned, I am not that great at embroidery.  My husband quickly pointed out that the B looks like an e.  However, I am happy with the overall result and I think that my brother-in-law will be also!